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Non Certification Courses

best diving center to learn how to dive in Varadero
Resort Course

Monday to Saturday

Going scuba diving is an exciting experience, one that would bring not only joy but an incredible spark of life into your body and mind. The Resort Course it's the easiest way to introduce a beginner into the wonderful world of scuba diving, this program starts with theory  and a practice in confined water, followed by a reef dive on a beautiful and safe underwater environment under the direct supervision of  one of our instructors, the whole program can be completed in just one morning, beginning at 09:00h with the training, then a dive around 11:30h, finish around at 13:00h.
best diving center to learn how to dive in Varadero and Cayo Blanco
Discovery Scuba Course (Buceo Plus)

Monday, Wednesday & Friday

The Buceo Plus its also available for beginners. Starts with a previous one hour theory and practice training session the day before, since the trip departure is early in the morning, around 09:00h. It’s a program for the whole family or groups, not only certified divers or beginners can do it, but also snorkeling its available for non divers.
best diving center to learn how to dive in th Bay of Pigs
Discovery Scuba Course (Bay of Pigs)

Every Thursday

Being the only chance to dive when the weather conditions in Varadero are not favorable, or maybe by choice every Thursday, the Bay of Pigs Tour is perfect for beginners to get their first underwater experience, includes two shore dives and a previous training session the day before the Tour.
It's possible also for companions to come along to the Bay of Pigs for a Price: 35.00 eur.
Professional underwater video and photo are available in all our dives.
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