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Get to Know Us

We can make your underwater dreams come true.

Atlantis Varadero is a privately owned Diving Center located in Varadero.

Currently with two main bases one located in the beach of the Blau Varadero Hotel and the other located at Coral Beach, our goal is to offer the best diving service for our clients. We do our dives by boat from our base at Blau and from the shore at our base in Coral Beach, with capacity for around 10 divers, we concentrate in small groups giving priority to quality over quantity, in a relaxed environment our clients can have access to more than 10 different dive sites, ranging from 8 to 24 meter depth.

We organize diving excursions for all levels of experience as well as snorkeling trips, always under direct supervision of our staff. Our instructors, with more than 20 years of experience, can offer international certification courses in different languages, or help you in the steps to try diving for the first time with a safe and easy program.

With previous coordination, we can also organize cave and night diving for the more adventurous.

Thanks to our partnership with the Barracuda Diving Center, we have also access to directly organize diving excursions to the wreck of the Russian Patrol Boat and others close to Varadero.

With previous coordination, we can also organize cave and night diving for the more adventurous.

The Atlantis Varadero Diving Center is located at the beach of Blau Varadero, Costumers not from the hotel need to access through the beach.

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Meet The Staff



Varadero native, born on January 14 1980, began to work as a divemaster on 2001, getting his ACUC Instructor Trainer in 2013, now with over a 1000 certified students, Speak English, french and German. 

Professional UW photographer and Marine life lover. Co-Founder and Manager of the Atlantis Varadero Diving Center.



Lead Instructor

Born June 14 1997, it's one of the youngest member of our team,  began to work as divemaster in 2016 at a young age , he quickly earn the respect of the Cuban diving community due to his hard work, knowledge and dedication, now an OW Instructor, speaks English and its known for his exceptional service. its the Lead Instructor at our Blau Base.



Lead Instructor

Born on June 15 1977, Prolific Free diver from an early age, now with over 20 years experience as a diving instructor, its a CMAS/ACUC Trainer Instructor and top UW photography instructor, winner of multiple national and international UW photography events, its Rescue Specialty Certified by the Cuban Red Cross, and lead Instructor at our Coral Beach Base.

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