International Certification Courses

Scuba Diver

Monday to Saturday

The Scuba Diver its an optional level, design for tourist places like Varadero, where clients don't have available that much of time but they still want to go diving and receive an International Diving Certification. The course takes just two days, and in some cases, intensively in just one day it could be completed. Includes first theory and practice sessions on the pool, followed by two dives on open water to complete the skills development program. The Scuba Diver Certification would allow the diver to go up to 15 meter max depth, always with the companion of a Divemaster or Diving Instructor.
Open Water Diver

Monday to Sauturday

The Open Water Diver Course it's the option to go, if your desire is not only to learn how to dive, get an international certification and have lots of fun underwater, but also to be able to organize and plan your dives with friends without the direct supervision of an Instructor or Divemaster. The course takes three to four days, includes theory and practical sessions on the pool, four dives on open water to complete the skills development program and tons of fun, plus extra theory sessions during the second and third days, all you  will need to become a certified and self sufficient diver. The Open Water Diver certification will allow the diver to dive up to 25 meter depth with divers of the same or higher level. 
Advanced Open Water Diver

Monday to Saturday

Ok, you are already a diver and you are thinking, what else can I do or learn. Well there is lots of new stuff to see and experience. The Advanced Open Water Diver Course brings some new knowledge and preview different kind of dives you could do. The course takes four days and includes four dives, plus theory sessions to learn basic introduction to Underwater Navigation, Confined Spaces, Poor Visibility and others matters. The Advanced Open Water Diver certification will allow the diver to go up to 30 meter of maximum depth and dive with other certified divers without the direct supervision of an Instructor or Divimaster.
All diving licenses are issued by A.C.U.C
Rescue Diver, Leadership Levels and Speciality Courses are also available. 
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