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Dive packages are meant for certified divers who's desire is to dive more than one day with us, Our dive packages cover the Double Dive -Certified Divers- from our Atlantis Varadero Diving Center, the Double Dive Bay of Pigs -Certified Divers- from the Barracuda Diving Center, and Double Dives by boat from the Marina Chapelin Diving Center, from where we can dive iconic wrecks like the Russian Patrol Boat, The Oil Tanker, The Tug Boat  and others, as well some beautiful reefs.

Dive Packages

1 Day 2 Dives Package

2 Days 4 Dives Package

3 Days 6 Dives Package

4 Days 8 Dives Package

5 Days 10 Dives Package






More than 10 dives the Price is: 27.00 per dive.

Packages are personal and intransferibles between divers.

Packages are based on two dive per day.

All prices are expressed in Euros (EUR).

In case of not completing a package you get a refund according to the dives completed.

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